about holly…

Holly Chamberlain, founder of the aMasongrace project, works as a Regional Sales Manager for a global pharmaceutical company. Her passion is helping people become their best, both personally and professionally. Her background includes facilitation of adult learning and leadership development programs, mortgage and pharmaceutical sales, and community involvement as a youth leader, substitute teacher, and court appointed special advocate for children and teens.

brave holly

Always a single mom, Holly’s primary focus was to provide an amazing life for herself and her son. Together, they traveled the globe seeking out new places, making friends, and enjoying life’s adventures. She lived life fearlessly and has been known to excitedly exclaim, “I love my life!” She is a connector of people and makes it a point to be inclusive whenever possible. Holly derives joy from connection and has quite an eclectic group of friends.

When the love of her life, Mason Justice Chamberlain, left this world on June 3rd, 2013, Holly’s life was irrevocably and forever changed. The anguish, grief, and gut-wrenching sense of loss she experienced in those first few weeks, prompted her to start blogging in an effort to process the completely unexpected, unbelievable, involuntary change of direction her life had taken. In her stumbling and stuttering first steps toward healing, Holly attempted to wrap her head around topics like life after death, religion and relationships, medication as a coping aid, as well as emotions like grief, anger, sadness, and resignation. She also tackled tough subjects like Faith and Hope, and trusting a God who oftentimes does not intervene.

What began as something very personal and private, intended for her and a few close friends, evolved into something much, much bigger. Holly’s blog, It’s Just Me, received over 2,000 views on its very first day and over 40,000 views in the first year. Blown away by the outpouring of support from a global community, Holly realized that there was an obvious need for honest and open sharing about teen suicide, grief, loss, and the challenges and rewards of parenting. Readers from all over the world have paused to read and comment on her writing and have expressed how her words have inspired and touched them.

Holly and Mason’s life together was filled with laughter and love. People knew them as a team; if you met either of them, you immediately knew of their love for one another. The Chamberlains loved nicknames and often doled out nicknames to their closest friends. Mason called Holly ‘Shmuvver’ because she smothered him in love. He called her Maaf, Mama, and Ladybuns too. Holly called him Shmish, Buns, Maseycakes, and Toonces, and his friends called him The Mufasa, Mersern, and MaseFace. Nicknames, or terms of endearment, were special to these two. Holly has said she knows for sure that humans have souls because on June 3, 2013, she felt hers shatter into a million pieces.

Holly continues to share her story and communicate these three messages to every teen: Moments Pass, Please Stay, You Matter. She is changing and saving and empowering young lives.