About The Project

The aMasongrace project is a Community Organization in the state of Nevada, founded in memory of Mason Chamberlain, a 14-year-old boy who died by suicide on June 3, 2013.  Mason did not fit the traditional criteria for those “at risk” for self-harm or suicide. There were no warning signs, no history of bullying, and no clinical depression. Without warning, without planning, on a day filled with highs and lows- typical for any teenager- Mason ended his own life.

Each day, an increasing number of teenagers are impacted by self-harm and/or suicide. In a recent report, the CDC disclosed that every year, suicide kills more teenagers and young adults than AIDS, birth defects, heart disease, cancer, and influenza combined.  In a study done by the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a state which has a suicide rate nearly double the national average, it was determined that approximately 1 in 5 teen suicides show no warning signs. Mason was the ‘1 in 5.’ The aMasongrace project is focused on teens like Mason: those who do not fit the traditional ‘at risk’ criteria.

The goal of the aMasongrace (aMg) project is to share three essential messages with teens in middle and high school: Moments Pass, Please Stay, and You Matter. Holly Chamberlain, Mason’s mother and Founder of the aMasongrace project, speaks to youth groups, schools, and parents about the temporary nature of moments, the benefits of interpersonal connection, the power of words, and the value of every single life. Her goal is to raise awareness that sometimes there are no signs, and encourage every student and parent to start the conversation.

To invite aMg to your school, church, or organization, please contact Holly via email at aMasongraceproject@gmail.com. Together, we can save lives.