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i’ve received multiple questions from readers on how they can support the aMasongrace project… i love this!!!! thank you for your interest and prayers and support! firstly, the website is under development and should be up & running sometime in august. the goal of this foundation is to reach teens, speak out against self harm, educate parents and peers on signs to watch for a s well as raise awareness that sometimes there are no signs! eventually, the goal is to book speaking engagements at school assemblies, youth groups, grief support groups, and parent education & training classes. if you would like to be a part of this effort, let me know what your talent/interest is… i will need tons of help as this foundation kicks off!

if you can financially support the effort, please make donations via paypal. direct your funds to (let me add that this is NOT a tax deductible donation just yet… but we are working on the details).

thank you for reading!
thank you for praying!
thank you for donating!
thank you for your words of encouragement! and thank you, thank you for sharing this blog with your friends and family… it is reaching people in special ways i had never anticipated. not a day goes by that i don’t receive a message from someone sharing with me how this blog has helped free them from guilt, or encouraged them to cling to hope. amazing to me, but just another example of how god is good.


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