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One of the primary goals of the aMasongrace project is to raise awareness about the growing epidemic of teen suicide. The links below provide vital information about suicide prevention, traditional signs for ‘at risk’ behavior, support hotlines for those who need help in difficult moments, as well as information on support for those who have lost a loved one. While the aMasongrace project is not formally affiliated with any of these organizations, it seemed appropriate to point people in the direction of some organizations that exist to offer professional help.


Moments Pass. Please Stay. You Matter.

It is also important to acknowledge that very often, there are no signs, no clues, no advance warning.   One in five teen suicides show no warning signs. Mason was the ‘1 in 5’ – He made a snap decision in a moment of high stress, where solutions didn’t seem to be within reach. At 14 years old, he couldn’t have grasped the far reaching, life changing consequences of his actions. It truly was a tragic accident of the worst kind, a robbery of life, an irreparable slice right through the heart of each person who loved him.


So how can we possibly hope to help someone when we cannot rely on ‘signs’ to predict a potentially fatal mistake? We believe that Mason’s story will serve as a prompt for others to ‘start the conversation’. When you cannot possibly know who is at risk you speak to everyone. This horrific end to a terrific young man’s life, the permanence of his action, forever changed the hearts and lives of those around him. The aMasongrace project is using Mason’s story to help others understand the impact of snap decisions. The hope is that when tough moments come, and they will, each teen will draw upon the knowledge that moments pass. It is possible to get through and we want to encourage students to stay.  All lives have value, and we hope to convince teens that their lives matter.


If you or someone you know is struggling, if you are in a moment that feels too big, please get help. Seek out support. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 and speak with a trained counselor who has experience walking people through their toughest moments. If you’d prefer to text, please text ‘help’ to 741741.